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Auto Accident Treatment In Utah County


Best Auto Accident Treatment

Don’t suffer needlessly from whiplash and other after-effects associated with auto accidents. If you live in Utah County, your auto insurance covers 100% of the physical therapy costs. Our experienced physical therapists can help make back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain a thing of the past and help you feel like yourself again.

car accident treatment

100% Insurance Covered Care

It is critical that you seek out treatment after a car accident -- even if it is a fender bender -- when you notice stiffness, pain, numbness, and muscle spasm.  Pain from car accidents can linger for years if the root of the problem is not corrected.

This may seem counter-intuitive, but the source of the problem is typically not uncovered from your list of symptoms or from the location of "trigger points."  It doesn't show up on MRIs or x-rays.  Even traditional weight lifting exercises do not help you fully recover and may make your current symptoms worse.

If you've been in a car accident, we strongly suggest that you come in for an advanced physical examination (including Muscle IQ testing), computerized strength testing (David Spine Solution and Multi-Cervical Unit), and a physical therapy evaluation as soon as you're able to, especially if you're experiencing one or more of the following symptoms:

Back pain, Headaches, Neck pain, Muscle spasms, Stiffness, Dizziness, Numbness/Tingling.

Your health should be your top priority after a car accident; even if there are insurance or lawsuit issues, the treatment you receive can be an important factor in the outcome of your case.

NO OUT OF POCKET COSTS! In Utah you have at least $3000 to spend on medical care (even if you were found to be at fault).

Don't Be Fooled....... If your auto accident seemed minor because of slow speeds or little damage to your vehicle, that doesn't mean injury did not occur. It can be a time of great concern. At just 10mph, the body can be subjected to a force of 5 to 10 G's. The force of 10 G's is greater than a fighter pilot would experience during aerial combat. Independent studies show that your body can violently move back and forth 6 to 10 times the speed your auto was going at time of impact. In other words, a 5-10 mph crash, your neck can move at 50 to 100 miles per hour! This is how G force can cause serious injuries at even low speeds.

What is needed is to identify the source through muscle IQ testing.  Next, we work to remove the kryptonite factors (what is making you weak).  We will also check for signs of Whiplash Associated Disorder and perform MCU testing.

The Missing Link in Neck Rehabilitation

The Multi-Cervical Unit at Muscle IQ Physical Therapy

How we can help you?

The most common question asked of us here at Whiplash Center at Muscle IQ is: “How can you help me?”  Our simple answer to this question is, “Once we have performed our detailed two hour evaluation, we will know whether you are a suitable candidate for our program, or not."

Treatment of whiplash

There are many manual techniques that have evidence of assisting ease symptoms of patients suffering from chronic neck pain. We employ techniques Dr. Knudsen has learned from around the globe with our patients.  However, what we have found is that there is no more important or potent treatment than a graduated strengthening and conditioning program for the cervical spine.  This is accomplished at our Muscle IQ via computerised technology and sophisticated equipment known as the MCU (Multi cervical Unit) by BTE. Watch the video below to learn more...

Whiplash and Chronic Neck Pain

Our staff are expertly trained to assist patients suffering from ongoing neck issues.  A large portion of our patients have symptoms stemming from weakness in the neck muscles.  These problems stem from motor vehicle accidents, falls, work accidents, direct trauma, assaults or simply by sitting at a desk all day that.  They may have occurred many years in the past or just recently.  Whiplash symptoms can vary enormously.  This will depend on the type of accident, the speed at impact, car type and the position of your neck and body at impact.

Let Dr. Knudsen explain the little-known science of how muscles work.  He can demonstrate how proprioception from the muscles of your spine and joints can accurately diagnose the root of your problem, so you can make a full recovery.  Call for a consultation, today!

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