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Fix the Underlying Cause of Persistent Back Pain
with FDM & Medical Exercise

We use the David Spine Concept (medical exercise equipment from Finland) to rehabilitate back muscles. It is a comprehensive evaluation and treatment concept for back disorders. The concept uses carefully targeted movement and controlled loading to reverse the deconditioning syndrome related to back pain. View the video below for more details...

Download our back pain brochure for more information on our treatment program.

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The Fascial Distortion Model or FDM for Back Pain

We are the only physical therapy clinic in Utah that offers this type of examination and treatment for musculoskeletal pain called fascial distortion model. FDM is presently the most effective manual pain therapy. By means of body language and pain description the therapist is immediately in the position to pinpoint the problem and help the patient with manual techniques. FDM is especially suitable for pain within the musculoskeletal system. Now, many "known" therapy-resistant conditions (chronic pain patients) can be successfully treated with FDM. Due to the quick therapy success, FDM has become very popular among athletes. Presently FDM is the fastest growing form of therapy in Europe, where Dr. Knudsen received training.

We also use the DonTigny approach to low back pain. And advanced muscle testing that is based on Dr. Knudsen's training in London, England. We think it is the perfect combination of examination, manual therapy, and medical exercise to fix your back pain fast.

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