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Why does your body have weak links?

After tissue damage -- even a small incident that you don't remember -- your body adapts to its weakened and injured state.  This adaptation occurs in ways that have been overlooked by medicine.  Why?  Because unless you have a fracture, a rupture, a herniation, or a tumor, MRIs and X-rays are not sensitive enough to find the source of your pain.

What's ironic is that in most cases it's actually quite simple to find the source of your pain so no medical imaging is required...  When you come in for your first appointment Dr. Knudsen will examine your condition, explain your particular problem, and how to resolve it.

The adaptation in your tissues and joints permanently "locks" into your structural anatomy and your perception leading to altered movement patterns (A.K.A. compensation).  Traditional strength training does not resolve these weak links, otherwise athletes would recover quickly and never have nagging injuries.  Essentially, these problems alter how you move and use your body.  They also alter your ability to control your bones, so joints easily go out of place, get injured, and eventually develop arthritis.  

These changes decrease your ability to resist outside forces (especially during more intense challenges) making your body prone to injury.  This can set into motion a vicious cycle of progressive injuries, cascading out from the original source.  Unfortunately, you were never given the combination to "unlock" your faulty distortions, so life goes on with weak links and poor performance. Like Superman, it becomes your muscle and joint kryptonite.

How do we resolve the source of your weakest link?

Muscle IQ testing allows Dr. Knudsen to examine and challenge your primary defense mechanism, the nervous system, and how well your spinal cord is able to protect your body.  He will identify any and all distortions that cause weaknesses which make you vulnerable to poor performance, injury, and pain.  This analysis quickly uncovers the best solution for each individual patient.  The Muscle IQ system of rehabilitation is the fastest and most cost-effective shortcut to a stronger, healthier, high performance life that you are ever likely to find.

Dr. Knudsen's approach is focused on two problems:  1. Fascial distortions (when the structural component of your body called fascia is distorted, it becomes gelatinized.  This is the most common source of pain and tightness, limiting your ability to move easily),  2. Perception distortions (faulty reflexes perpetuate myofascial pain and how faulty sensory inputs create weak muscle outputs).  But that's not all.  We also resolve your weakest link with targeted muscle retraining.

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At Muscle IQ Physical Therapy we also have the best rehab equipment in the world!  Watch the videos below and click the links to find out more...

Multi-Cervical Unit



huber motion labHuber Motion Lab

Who benefits?

Everyone!  If you are not performing at optimal levels and want to improve, then come in for a consultation with Dr. Knudsen.  Elevate your Muscle IQ to improve your enjoyment of life!

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