February 8, 2019

By Chris Knudsen, DPT

The Best Way to Strengthen Back Muscles

Everybody knows low back pain is very common.  It is the leading cause of disability in the U.S.  What are some of the best ways to help low back pain?  Just about everyone with low back pain has back muscle weakness.  This muscle weakness can lead to accelerated wear and tear of the discs in the spine, and more back pain.  Strong muscles protect against low back pain. That is why testing back muscle strength is so important to help low back pain....



November 8, 2018

By Chris Knudsen, DPT

The World of Fascia

Fascia is rapidly becoming a popular topic of discussion in the world of physical therapy and Injury Rehabilitation. It is found throughout the body, directly below the skin and deeper. It is a whitish colored band of connective tissue. Fascia wraps around and envelops our entire body, as well as each individual muscle, tendon, and organ and it provides a link to our bones.

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September 10, 2018

By Chris Knudsen, DPT

Whiplash Motor Vehicle Accidents

Today I want to discuss whiplash.  What is whiplash? How many people get Whiplash?  What are typical recovery rates for whiplash? There are so many reasons to want to avoid getting in a car accident.  But until we all are riding in Self-Driving cars, accidents cannot be avoided.  And, with accidents comes whiplash. I myself have only been in accidents that were at very low speeds and have not ever had whiplash myself.  But, during my 18 years as a physical therapist I have treated many people with whiplash. Almost all of them were hit by someone else, and were usually hit from behind....



June 15, 2018

By Chris Knudsen, DPT

Unique Ways Muscle IQ Helps Fix Low Back Pain

Today’s blog is about Low Back Pain and Exercise.  My wife will ask me sometimes to treat her back after I get home from work.  Like many of my patients I see during the day, she wants to see quick results. “Doc, can you just fix me, PLEASE!”  Short term pain relief is possible. But, long term pain relief requires strong muscles. To get Strong Muscles takes more effort on the part of the patient, and more effort on the part of the therapist in order to ensure the proper exercises are being prescribed.

Chronic low back pain by definition is low back pain that does not resolve easily on its own (chronic = lasts for more than a few weeks).  The same websites that give out “Great Home Exercises for Low Back Pain”, might on the same site also state that “Low Back Pain Has High Recurrence.” Insurance companies are happy if.........



May 1, 2018

By Chris Knudsen, DPT

Low Back Pain and Muscle Strength

Today’s blog is about the unique ways Muscle IQ helps to fix your low back pain. To begin I wanted to share a story.   I worked for 15 years in Pennsylvania for a great company. We had a wide variety of your typical physical therapy gym equipment. Several years ago I had the opportunity to open a new clinic, in a medium sized town, that was going to be competing against 20 other physical therapy clinics within a 10 mile radius.  I talked with my superiors and came up with a game plan to help this new clinic stand out. Not only did I want to provide great customer service and the best care, I also wanted something unique, to provide something better for my patients. My brother Howard, at that time, already had his Physical Therapy Clinic in Provo, Utah.  He owned three Alter-G Anti-gravity Treadmills.  Well, if he owned three I thought it would be a good start for this new clinic to start with just one.  It took a year to get it approved and we moved into the new space with our new treadmill. The patients loved it; especially the patients with....


April 23th, 2018

Chris Knudsen, DPT


Do I need an MRI before starting therapy at Muscle IQ?

The most recent consensus is that “Imaging is not recommended unless alerting features of serious conditions are present.” Maher C. An updated overview of clinical guidelines for the management of non-specific low back pain in primary care. Eur Spine J 2010;19:2075–94 (Level of evidence 1A).

So, the answer is No, you do not need an MRI before starting physical therapy at Muscle IQ because during the first visit we will take a thorough past medical history and perform an evaluation that.....\


April 17th, 2018

Chris Knudsen, DPT


What is it about Low Back Pain that is so difficult to fix?

  1. The Medical Model of treatment focuses on diagnosing the problem according to the disease model.  
  2. Public dependence on imaging. (I want an MRI).
  3. Giving patients exercises without knowing what is weak and expecting it to get better.
  4. Not treating the problem to completion.

Today’s blog will focus on how the Muscle IQ model..................