May 1, 2018

By Chris Knudsen, DPT

Low Back Pain and Muscle Strength

Today’s blog is about Low Back Pain and Exercise.  My wife will ask me sometimes to treat her back after I get home from work.  Like many of my patients I see during the day, she wants to see quick results. “Doc, can you just fix me, PLEASE!”  Short term pain relief is possible. But, long term pain relief requires strong muscles. To get Strong Muscles takes more effort on the part of the patient, and more effort on the part of the therapist in order to ensure the proper exercises are being prescribed.

Chronic low back pain by definition is low back pain that does not resolve easily on its own (chronic = lasts for more than a few weeks).  The same websites that give out “Great Home Exercises for Low Back Pain”, might on the same site also state that “Low Back Pain Has High Recurrence.” Insurance companies are happy if.........



April 23th, 2018

Chris Knudsen, DPT


Do I need an MRI before starting therapy at Muscle IQ?

The most recent consensus is that “Imaging is not recommended unless alerting features of serious conditions are present.” Maher C. An updated overview of clinical guidelines for the management of non-specific low back pain in primary care. Eur Spine J 2010;19:2075–94 (Level of evidence 1A).

So, the answer is No, you do not need an MRI before starting physical therapy at Muscle IQ because during the first visit we will take a thorough past medical history and perform an evaluation that.....\


April 17th, 2018

Chris Knudsen, DPT


What is it about Low Back Pain that is so difficult to fix?

  1. The Medical Model of treatment focuses on diagnosing the problem according to the disease model.  
  2. Public dependence on imaging. (I want an MRI).
  3. Giving patients exercises without knowing what is weak and expecting it to get better.
  4. Not treating the problem to completion.

Today’s blog will focus on how the Muscle IQ model..................