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Valedo Motion For Back Pain Rehabilitation

The Valedo Motion at Muscle IQ Physical Therapy in Provo is the key to resolving problems that occur with lower back pain.


How we can help you?

The Valedo Motion brings patients into a virtual world where they are instructed to control objects with their back movements. The therapy transforms into a motivating game. During which the back is stabilized, mobilized, or movement awareness of the body is trained. The accuracy of back movements is rewarded with greater success in the game. Depending on requirements the exercise can be performed standing up sitting down or on all fours.

Research shows that movement awareness is reduced in patients with low back pain. Physical therapist give verbal and tactile feedback to patients during movement instructions. Of course, this feedback is always a little bit delayed, which makes it more difficult to interpret. Valedo Motion was developed to provide real-time feedback.

Two motion sensors form the core of the revolutionary exercise therapy. These are fixed in place on the patients back and in front on the sternum. The sensors send detailed data on the back movement to a receiver. The therapist and the patient thereby receive a detailed feedback that shows them if the exercises are carried out correctly. The high precision sensors record even the smallest movements of the back.




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