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The Missing Link in Rehabilitation of Pain, Stiffness, and Weakness Caused by Whiplash

The Multi-Cervical Unit at Muscle IQ Physical Therapy in Provo is the key to resolving problems that occur with Whiplash and Associated Disorders.

How we can help you?

The most common question asked of us here at the Whiplash Center at Muscle IQ is: “How can you help me?”  Our simple answer to this question is, “Once we have performed our detailed two hour evaluation, we will know whether you are a suitable candidate for our program, or not."

Treatment of whiplash

Physical therapy techniques show clinical evidence of assisting to ease symptoms of patients suffering from chronic neck pain.  We employ manual techniques Dr. Knudsen has learned from around the globe.  However, what we have found is that there is no more important or potent treatment than a graduated strengthening and conditioning program for the cervical spine.  This is accomplished at Muscle IQ via computerized technology and sophisticated equipment known as the MCU (Multi Cervical Unit) by BTE.  We are the only clinic in Utah that owns this device!

What about X-rays after a motor vehicle collision?

Medical providers can download our WHIPLASH BULLETIN to see the most up-to-date recommendations.

Whiplash and Chronic Neck Pain

Our staff is expertly trained to assist patients suffering from ongoing neck issues.  A large portion of our patients have symptoms stemming from weakness in the neck muscles.  These problems may result from motor vehicle accidents, falls, work accidents, direct trauma or simply by sitting at a desk all day.  They may have occurred many years in the past or just recently.  Whiplash symptoms can vary enormously.  This will depend on the type of accident, the speed at impact, car type and the position of your neck and body at impact.

Our success rate

All of our patients experiencing neck pain and/or weakness are screened via a 1 hour evaluation on our computerised Multi Cervical Unit.  If you are deemed appropriate for our advanced neck rehabilitation program, we are achieving a 75% success rate in significantly reducing our patients symptoms.


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