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Motor Vehicle Accident Rehab


Were You in an Accident?

Do you have whiplash, low back pain, headaches or any other pains after being in an accident?

Muscle IQ is the best physical therapy clinic in Orem for treating car accident injuries.  Make a full recovery with the best manual therapy treatment techniques, including the Fascial Distortion Model. and world-class medical exercise machines, called the David Spine Concept. Do you have a concussion, headaches, whiplash, neck pain, or back pain?  Get the care you need.  


We can help you whether you just recently had an accident, or even if your accident was several years ago.


We work hand-in-hand with your pain management physician and your personal injury attorney.

Neck Pain Manual Therapy

Rehab Treatment

How do I recover from the pain?

It is critical that you seek out treatment after a Car Accident even if it is a fender bender -- when you notice stiffness, pain, numbness, and muscle spasm. Pain from car accidents can linger for years if the root of the problem is not corrected.

This may seem counter-intuitive, but the source of the problem is typically not uncovered from your list of symptoms or from the location of "trigger points". It doesn't show up on MRIs or x-rays. Even strengthening exercises do not help you fully recover and may make your current symptoms worse.

Let the expert clinicians at Muscle IQ explain the little-known science of how muscles really work. W can demonstrate for you how proprioception from the muscles of your spine and joints can accurately diagnose or identify the root of your problem, so you can make a full recovery.

Call for a consultation, today at

Personal Injury Attorney signing a lean.

Personal Injury Attorneys

To Ensure You Get Your Medical Bills Covered Fully

You do not want to have to worry about paying for medical bills that are not your fault.  You need someone who will look out for your legal rights to receive the care you need to recover from the injuries that occurred during your motor vehicle accident.

Personal Injury Attorneys make sure you get fully covered by the auto insurance responsible for your care.  They take the hassle out of arguing over the phone with the adjusters and insurance reps.  At Muscle IQ Physical Therapy Clinic we work hand-in hand with your personal injury attorney to make sure you get the care you need for a full recovery.

Neck Pain and Whiplash

Do You Have Whiplash?

"50% of Whiplash Cases Will Not Recover Without Proper Care."

Studies show that recovery rates for whiplash using conventional care is not very high. Did you know that more than 50% of those sustaining a whiplash injury report ongoing pain and disability more than 12 weeks after their injury? And, of this group, 39% report moderate disability up to 12 months after the injury. There must be a better way? At Muscle IQ what sets us apart is our focus on active reconditioning rather than passive forms of treatment. We have the best medical exercise equipment for back pain exercises, and neck, shoulder, and knee reconditioning. Better than all other accident recovery centers in Utah. We also emphasize, in a practical way, the importance of staying active to restore function and prevent disability. We help our patients understand the importance of resuming normal (pre-injury) activities as soon as possible

Fascia is Connective Tissue

The Fascial Distortion Model

How do I recover from the pain?

FDM is presently the most effective manual pain therapy.  By means of body language and pain description the therapist is immediately in the position to pinpoint the problem and help the patient with manual techniques.  FDM is especially suitable for pain within the musculoskeletal system. Now, many "known" therapy-resistant conditions (chronic pain patients) can be successfully treated with FDM.  Due to the quick therapy success, FDM has become very popular among athletes.  Presently FDM is the fastest growing form of therapy in Europe.

Screen Shot 2021-08-28 at 11.37.48 AM.png

How Soon After an Accident Should I Schedule with Muscle IQ?

Schedule as Soon as Possible.

Some people wait too long before seeking help after a car accident.  The more days and weeks you wait the more time it will take to recover.  


Treatment at No Cost!

Through PIP you can get treatment at no cost to you!

If you have been injured in an accident your #1 priority should be your health.  You should not need to worry about the cost of getting you back to full health.   Did you know every auto insurance policy in Utah is required by law to carry $3000 of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage? If you - or your passengers - are injured in an accident, you will initially set up a PIP Claim with your own insurance company.  PIP coverage can help pay for your physical therapy after a car accident.

If you require greater than $3000 in medical care, then a "bodily injury claim" with the at-fault driver's insurance company is justified.  You may decide at that time to contact your personal injury attorney, to ensure you receive the full amount of care you need.  Muscle IQ will sign a lean with your attorney.  Click here to learn why Leans are Important.

Pain Management Physicians give injections

Pain Management Physicians

Collaboration with other Health Professionals

Through the full course of your injury you may have received care from several doctors along the way.  This may include an ER doctor, your primary care physician, and a pain management physician.  Each of these clinicians can play a role in your recovery.

The Pain Management Physician will frequently be brought into your care if your pain has lasted a while and has now become chronic.  These doctors can provide significant help, in conjunction with your physical therapy you receive from Muscle IQ.  We work hand-in-hand with pain management physicians to maximize your chances of a full recovery when necessary.

Case Study of a real Car Accident Patient from 2021
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