Auto Accident



Been in an Accident?

Do you have whiplash, low back pain, headaches or any other pains after being in an accident?

At Muscle IQ we specialize in Auto Accident Rehab. Our caring staff will help you return to your active life. The trauma of an accident may result in multiple areas of injury. We can help!


Treatment at No Cost!

Through PIP you can get treatment at no cost to you!

Did you know every insurance company is require by law to carry $3000 of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage? If you - or your passengers - are injured in an accident, you will initially set up a PIP Claim with your OWN insurance company. If you require greater than $3000 in medical care, then a "bodily injury claim" with the at-fault driver's insurance company is justified. (You may also decide at that time to contact an attorney).

Rehab Treatment

How do I recover from the pain?

It is critical that you seek out treatment after a Car Accident even if it is a fender bender -- when you notice stiffness, pain, numbness, and muscle spasm. Pain from car accidents can linger for years if the root of the problem is not corrected.

This may seem counter-intuitive, but the source of the problem is typically not uncovered from your list of symptoms or from the location of "trigger points". It doesn't show up on MRIs or x-rays. Even strengthening exercises do not help you fully recover and may make your current symptoms worse.

Let the expert clinicians at Muscle IQ explain the little-known science of how muscles really work. W can demonstrate for you how proprioception from the muscles of your spine and joints can accurately diagnose or identify the root of your problem, so you can make a full recovery.

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