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David Spine Concept - Low Back Pain Exercises

The David Spine Concept

Our patients love using the David machines.  They are easy to use and the movements feel smooth and comfortable.  We like them because we get to see how strong the muscles are and we get reports showing us the progress the patient is making in strength.  They are great for rehabilitating low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and knee pain.  We can get better physical therapy results with the David Spine Concept for our patients.


David Exercise Machines

Truly the best back pain exercise machines in the world.  We use the David Spine Concept (medical exercise equipment from Finland) to rehabilitate back, neck, shoulder, and knee muscles. It is a comprehensive evaluation and treatment concept for musculoskeletal disorders. The concept uses carefully targeted movement and controlled loading to reverse the de-conditioning syndrome related to musculoskeletal pain.  


These machines are great for helping low back pain.  With four different machines you can isolate the key muscles of the back that are essential for stability and pain prevention.  The David neck machines are unique and specialized for helping people with neck pain.  Most neck pains are related to neck muscle weakness.  The David machines zero in on the neck machines unlike any other machines.

If you injured your back in a motor vehicle accident we will work hand-in hand with your pain management physician and your personal injury attorney.


How strong are your muscles?

Strong muscles protect. With musculoskeletal pain there is almost always muscle weakness. At Muscle IQ we can test specific back, neck, shoulder and knee muscle strength using our computerized David medical exercise equipment. The computerized measurement system captures mobility and strength in all movement planes. These values are compared to reference values matched to a patient's age, gender, height, and weight. This allows us to track progress in strength and range of motion of the spine. An individualized exercise program is generated based on these measurements.


We believe a full recovery requires a return to normal neck muscle strength. With the test results from the David machines we can tell our patients how far they are from normal strength. We retest strength and range of motion at set intervals. We can objectively prove the gains our patients are making in strength with our testing reports. Your doctor or your insurance company will also like seeing your progress.


We can show you your weaknesses.

Patients love seeing the David muscle strength reports.  These reports show the force generated by the muscles in each muscle group and compare the patient scores to the normal scores for the average person with the same age, height, weight, and gender.

Another thing that patients love about these reports is seeing their progress.  Each re-evaluation day they are re-tested and these results are compared to the previous test results.  Patients love seeing that they are 40%, 50%, or 60% stronger than they were on their first visit.

Doctors and Insurance companies also like seeing objective proof of the results of their patient's physical therapy.

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