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Knee Pain, ACL, & Total Knee Replacements

Knee Pain and Total Knee Replacements

All Knee Related Pains

People frequently come to see us at Muscle IQ Physical Therapy because of knee pain. Sometimes it is because of a sports injury, but usually it is just knee pain that has developed over time. The knee starts hurting during walking, running, skiing, or climbing stairs. We also see people after a Total Knee Replacement, ACL surgery, or a Meniscus tear. The best is to avoid knee surgery if you can.


We help patients get back to pain-free living by following a whole-body approach to knee rehab.  If you injured your knee in a motor vehicle accident your physical therapist will work hand-in-hand with your pain management physician and your personal injury attorney.

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Fascial Distortion Model and Knee Pain

FDM for Knee Pain

We are the only physical therapy clinic in Utah that offers this type of examination and treatment for knee pain called the fascial distortion model or FDM. FDM is presently the most effective manual pain therapy. By means of body language and pain description the therapist is immediately in the position to pinpoint the problem and help the patient with manual techniques. FDM is especially suitable for pain within the musculoskeletal system. Now, many "known" therapy-resistant conditions (chronic pain patients) can be successfully treated with FDM. Due to the quick therapy success, FDM has become very popular among athletes.


Rebekah, PTA-Sports Specialist

Check out our Google reviews from past patients to see why Muscle IQ is the best physical therapy clinic in Orem for fixing knee pain.  Our patients love the one-on-one care and the world-class exercise equipment here that you cannot find anywhere else.

The best way to fix knee pain is at Muscle IQ in Orem.

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