Low Back Pain

Have you been told you have a HERNIATED DISK, SPINAL STENOSIS, SCOLIOSIS or a LUMBAR STRAIN? Low back pain is the #1 injury that leads to disability in the United States. Are you tired of being in pain all the time? Give us a call!

Fascial Distortion Model for LBP

We are the only physical therapy clinic in Utah that offers this type of examination and treatment for low back pain called fascial distortion model (FDM) is presently the most effective manual pain therapy. By means of body language and pain description the therapist is immediately in the position to pinpoint the problem and help the patient with manual techniques.


FDM is especially suitable for pain within the musculoskeletal system. Now, many "known" therapy-resistant conditions (chronic pain patients) can be successfully treated with FDM.  Due to the quick therapy success, FDM has become very popular among athletes.  Presently FDM is the fastest growing form of therapy in Europe, where Dr. Knudsen received training.

We also use the DonTigny approach to low back pain. And advanced muscle testing that is based on Dr. Knudsen's training in London, England. We think it is the perfect combination of examination, manual therapy, and medical exercise to fix your back pain fast.

Huber Machine

Did you know there are 180 Deep Spinal Muscles? And that weak deep back muscles are a major factor in  low back pain? The problem many  find in self treating their low back pain is that they are not performing the right type of exercises.  To treat low back pain you must perform slow, controlled and endurance type exercises in order to help rehab the deep spinal muscles. Here at Muscle IQ we have many machines and exercises that provide just that.

The Huber Exercise Machine precisely targets the deep muscles of the spine. This state-of-the-art equipment sets the body in motion with an oscillating platform and mobile column.  It mobilizes joints while gently and safely recruiting the deep muscles which are often neglected by traditional physical exercise.