Shoulder Pain


Shoulder Pain/ Rotator Cuff

Common shoulder problems we see include ROTATOR CUFF TEAR, SHOULDER IMPINGEMENT, DISLOCATION, as well as SHOULDER STRAINS AND SPRAINS. Are you having trouble reaching, lifting, or throwing? Do you have trouble taking off a shirt? Is it difficult for you put away dishes on high shelves? At Muscle IQ we will help you move better on the first visit.

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How can I avoid shoulder surgery?

Many of our patients tell us that they want to avoid surgery. They have not had an MRI yet but they know something is wrong with their shoulder. We can give a professional opinion after we perform our initial evaluation. We listen to our patients. We will ask you how the pain started and how it is affecting your active life. Can you sleep on your shoulder at night? What actions hurt your shoulder the most? We will assess your motion and strength. As we begin to identify problems we start doing treatment on the first day. It is very common for our patients to see some change and improvement in the first visit (i.e. more motion, more strength, less pain)

Our treatment usually includes manual therapy with a focus on the Fascial Distortion Model. We will also perform objective shoulder muscle testing using our David Medical Exercise Machines. These same machines may be used as part of your Rehab Program during the rest of your visits.

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