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The Best Physical Therapists

What makes Muscle IQ the best Physical Therapy clinic in Orem or Provo?  There are three things that make Muscle IQ stand out from other physical therapy clinics:

  • Our physical therapists are internationally trained.  They have traveled far and wide to be trained by some of the best clinicians in the world.  They have learned the best treatment techniques to help get you back to being pain-free and living your active life style.  They know how to find the root cause of your pain and they know what to do to fix it.

  • Hands-on treatment every visit.  We provide more care in every visit than most clinics.  The average visit at muscle IQ lasts 90 minutes.  Some clinics only give 45 minutes of care each visit.   You will receive hands-on treatment during your visit with manual therapy to work on the specific tissues related to your pain and weakness.  You will also re-condition your muscles using State-of-the-art exercise equipment not found in any other clinic in Utah.

  • Our goal is to help you reach a "Full" recovery.  We do not artificially stop therapy on the 12th visit.  We will continue therapy for as long as needed for you to reach your goals.  The term frequently used is "Medically Necessary".  We are better able to fight for your right to a full recovery because of our comprehensive evaluations and re-evaluations.  We collect the necessary data to show how strong you really are and compare that to how strong you really should be.  We can do this more easily than other clinics thanks to our David Spine Concept machines.     

The Best Physical Therapists

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