Huber Motion Lab


Huber Motion Lab

HUBER MOTION LAB is... A 3-D exercise like nothing else in the world!  Found only at Muscle IQ Physical Therapy in Provo.  Lower, middle, upper, right and left, front and back, your entire body is fully engaged...  All of your muscle chains get reactivated, all muscle groups are compelled to work together.  The oscillating platform generates instability for the lower body... the mobile column creates instability for the upper body... handles capture the strength... the feedback on the screen provides information and the body adapts.



HUBER MOTION LAB is a true human motion laboratory that improves physical abilities while strengthening core posture muscles.  It is the only known machine in the world capable of strengthening the 180 deep spinal muscles simultaneously, precisely targeting the deep muscles of the spine.  This breakthrough interactive and pre-programmed technology is unique in the world in its ability to strengthen and condition the 180 deep spinal muscles and surrounding joints, restoring motion and fluidity to all movement.

 Huber Motion Lab is perfectly engineered for rehabilitation for all types of physical therapy patients from athletes to elderly.  It also allows you to quickly enter into the fat-burning zone in only 3 minutes and is a complimentary device for those receiving lipomassage for cellulite reduction.

This state-of-the-art equipment sets the body in motion with an oscillating platform and mobile column.  It mobilizes joints while gently and safely recruiting the deep muscles which are often neglected by traditional physical exercise.  It helps improve strength, flexibility, joint amplitude, coordination, posture and balance.  The Motion Lab uses a unique technology that improves physical abilities while strengthening core posture muscles – with applications in health, beauty and sport.