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Is Fascia the Source of Chronic Pain?

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

by Dr. Chris Knudsen

Muscle IQ - Physical Therapy

At Muscle IQ we follow a Fascia based approach to treating orthopedic and chronic pain conditions. In this post I will review another YouTube video about fascia.

Fascia and The Mystery of Chronic Pain - Dana Sterling - Life Talk

2018 - Life Summit

Dana Sterling uses a fascia based approach in her clinic. This approach is an innovative, completely non-invasive approach to the treatment of orthopedic and chronic pain conditions.

Another name for Fascia is the phrase “connective tissue”.

Fascia is a brand new concept in Medicine and Rehabilitation. The research on fascia is only about seven to 10 years old. You have heard of the skeletal system. You know the muscular system. Together we call these the musculo-skeletal system. The system that connects these two systems together is the Fascia System.

Fascia is the organ of form. Fascia when magnified x25 looks like cobwebs.

Fascia does not show up in MRIs. Fascia does not show up in X-rays. Fascia does not show up in CT-scans. Fascia frequently is gets ignored. The medical model largely ignores Fascia because it does not show up in the most common medical imaging used for diagnosing.

The importance of fascia is becoming more clear. Research now shows that Fascia has six to 10 times more sensory nerves than muscle. When fascia is the problem it can cause significant pain, especially when it is chronic pain.

Mr. Fascia suit demonstration:

A fascial restriction can restrict normal joint motion, can change motion in other body parts away from the restricted site, and can change your whole body posture. This can change function significantly.

Real-life patient example, Samantha:

-4 knee scopes

-Lateral knee ligaments lengthened

-Lumbar spine surgery

-Cervical fusion

-Opiates for pain relief

After 1 year and 8 months of treatments, diligent work, investment in herself, and daily home exercise program has increased her functional ability to where now she can compete nationally in horse training.

If anyone tells you it is too late, and you have the MRIs and x-rays to prove it, don’t believe it. Maybe you just need to go somewhere that focuses on Fascia.

(For more information about Fascia check out our Fascial Distortion Model page on our website:

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