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Top 3 ways to pick the real "Best Physical Therapy" Near You

You need physical therapy. How do you decide where to go? Your first search on Google will show you a map with the top three Physical Therapy clinics near you. But, should you leave your choice up to Google? Here are three things to look for to make sure you find the real "Best Physical Therapy" near you.

#1: Look for Clinical Experts

You want the best. Your chances of a successful recovery are higher if you receive treatment from a clinical expert. Some physical therapists receive more training and have more experience. Check their bio on their website for the following things:

  • Years of Experience (more is good)

  • Manual Therapy (If they do not touch their patients they are not clinical experts)

  • Recent Continuing Education (they stay up-to-date in the latest evaluation and treatment techniques)

  • Clinical Certifications (Recognized for their higher-level training)

  • Written Publications (They share their expertise and are recognized experts in their field)

#2: Look for Success Stories from Real Patients

You want proof this physical therapy clinic has helped someone like you. Do they treat low back pain and neck pain? It is hard to know if they are any good if no one has said anything about them. There should be a trail of proof for this clinic that you should be able to find online:

  • Read Google Reviews (don’t believe everything you read, but get a general feel)

  • Read Facebook Reviews (look for success stories with similar problems as yours)

  • Do a search on Google for the names of the physical therapists at that clinic (you can learn a lot about a clinic on Google, and what is being said about the clinic)

The Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmills are the best rehab machines for helping patients get back to walking and running without pain
Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill

#3: Look for State-of-the-art Rehab Equipment

You need a reason to leave your house. Does this physical therapy clinic offer more than what you can do on your own at home? If you do not get stronger you will continue to have pain. What should you look for in physical therapy rehab equipment? Look for computerized Rehab exercise machines that give you feedback while you exercise:

  • AlterG anti-gravity Treadmills (not just a regular treadmill you could have at home, but video gait analysis, with weight controlled walking and jogging)

  • David Spine Concept (Computerized strength testing, focussed strengthening for low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and knee pain, with on-screen biofeedback and scores)

  • The Huber Machine (Full-body workout, muscle coordination, and core strengthening, with on-screen display)

  • The Eccentron (The best eccentric strengthening knee and hip exercise machine with on-screen biofeedback)

Google searches are easy, but do a little more research and you could find the real "Best Physical Therapy" near you. Remember to look for Clinical Experts, Success Stories from real patients, and State-of-the-art Rehab Equipment in order to increase your chances of a successful recovery. If you cannot find a suitable clinic close to you it might be worth a drive.

The David Spine Concept machines can be used to measure strength and provide personalized exercise routines for patients with low back pain and neck pain.
David Spine Concept - Computerized Rehab Exercise Equipment


About The Author: Dr. Chris Knudsen is a full-time physical therapist with Muscle IQ Physical Therapy in Provo, Utah, since 2016. He spent 15 years managing physical therapy clinics in Lancaster, Pennsylvania where he treated outpatient orthopedic cases, and became the director over 10 physical therapy clinics, supervising and overseeing the clinical training of dozens of physical therapists over those years. He is trained in the internationally recognized Fascial Distortion Model and has also been trained in the Afferent Input Method by Dr. Simon King, of London, England.


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